Walmart policy on employee dating

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And to the walmart peeps, stop leaving comments here,you are to obvious. I need advice cause Im fired up and I want them to both pay.

I decided to spend all his money and treat him like the trash hes become every chance i get.,and never let him touch me again. I am so pissed off and I want them both fired because she says its over but how do I know that since they both still work there.

But, besides their lax policies, what does Walmart have to do with your husband cheating on you?

Walmart did not force him to stop taking his meds, as they did not force the other woman on him. Wal-Mart is not responsible for policing your marriage. With there "open door" police i cannot see "look the other way or else" fling more then one phone call.

even the fact that Wal Mart is destroying other companies and paying so low and keeping it as such that many are living off public assistance...

If you are a Christian and read this - lift it all and all persons involved in prayer...

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I have been to hell and back since he went to work for walmart but when I found out about the trip they sent him on (complete with bragging writeup in their stupid little circular someone mailed me) I tapped his phone and found out some really nasty stuff goes on and those truckers do love to brag amongst themselves.