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Professional bachelor dating guide pdf

He tells it the way it really is like an arrow in flight, shoots his intellectual wit and life observations with both barrels loaded and takes no prisoners for his first written bachelor manifesto and man’s man debut to the entire world! One unique feature is CBS is both a regionally and nationally accredited school.Upon full completion of the application and receipt of all required documents (transcripts, shot records, SAT/ACT scores, etc.) the CBS admissions team carefully reviews each application in order to determine admission status. If you wish to meet with an admissions officer, make sure to set up a meeting via email or calling beforehand.If it is during application, usually two months before the beginning of a semester, try to schedule an appointment to ensure they are not too busy to meet with prospective students.Students are expected to honor the Lord through their efforts to study “heartily as if for the Lord”.

Resultantly, the advisor not only recommends applicable classes, they also assist in helping the new student in realizing overall success through our student success center. CBS also requires each student in a bachelor’s program to complete a “Research and Writing” class.

This is the first book project from the author Larry ‘Von Lars’ Wehunt which he hopes will go to press and create quite a stir and become a national and international underground cult classic and best-seller.

He is also a prolific writer and a blogger in cyberspace.

Furthermore, CBS seeks to offer its’ students Truth, Training, and Transformation.

There are a number of good reasons why most students choose CBS. Our tuition rates are far more reasonable than any other 4-year school.

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Von Lars lives in Glendale Arizona near Phoenix in his own swinging retro and modern style space-age bachelor pad and has many friends and admirers along with his black Labrador retriever.