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This study examines the quality of HR in the Philippines using David Ulrich’s model.

Based on 134 respondents from business and non-business organizations, results showed that HR in Philippines are strong as Administrative Experts and Employee Champions, but weaker in terms of being Change Agents and Strategic Partners.

In this research, the impact of flexible benefit in Soluziona was evaluated through a survey of employee satisfaction, which were given prior to the implementation of the flexible benefit program and after the program was implemented.

A focus group discussion was also held to gather more information regarding the system.

Results reveal that most respondents believed that competency management led to improvement in quality of products, customer satisfaction and productivity.

This case study documents the experience of Soluziona Company in implementing a Flexible Benefits program.

Results showed that employee satisfaction increased and the objectives set by the HR for the program were met.

The study also identified key conditions to assure the effectiveness of the Flexible Benefits program.

The study also shows difference in preference by gender, civil status and income level.This study examined the profile of 131 human resources (HR) practitioners in the Philippines.The study showed Filipino HR practitioners are strong in HR functional competencies and process skills such as communication and group facilitation.However, they also report significant gaps in strategic thinking, change management, and organization diagnosis.Level of competence is related to education attainment, job level, and tenure.

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Competency management provides a systems approach to human resource management.