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When I made the decision to get a housekeeper service, I set up a bunch of web linked spy cams, all over the house, so that every corner of every room was covered, including the bathroom and laundry room.

These cameras were hidden in clocks, picture frames, mirrors, fake smoke detectors, and other devices that I could plant all over the house and no one would notice them.

I did call her, and we did have phone sex, which is something that my wife had almost never done the entire time that I had known her.So, Brandie made the decision to move in with her Mom, take care of her to her passing, then dispose of her assets, and close out all of her affairs.My wife and I were both in our fifties and had been married for over twenty years.At least one of the cams, in each room of the house, had a microphone on it, so that I could also hear what was going on, as well as see it.With all of these cams, I had the limited ability to scan left/right/up/down, and to zoom in and out to a certain extent with each of them.

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