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Jonathan Cooper will likely start in his place if necessary.

This article on the incredibly ancient sunken city recently found off the gulf of Cambay in India was published through courtesy of the author Linda Moulton Howe of an excellent site where this article and many others on relative topics can be found.

He’ll try for another TD against the Raiders in Week 15.

Dak Prescott completed just 11 passes, but one of them was to Witten in the end zone.

The 9500 year old one seems to be the strongest one. This was announced by Minister Joshi (Murli Manohar Joshi is Indian Minister for Ocean Technology) at this meeting I attended in Hyderabad, India. It's difficult because it's very difficult to see down there. So, it's going to have to be a pretty massive effort, but he said the government of India is willing to put the resources behind it to do whatever it takes to further confirm these discoveries.

I also spoke in Hyderabad with an independent archaeologist not connected with the Indian government, but who has a deep interest in these discoveries and he says they are still going to have to send divers down there. The information they have is based on the sonar readings and the dredging they have done.

I talked with him today in India about the dredging operation, what the ocean engineers found and the implications of first carbon dating of artifacts at more than 9,000 years.: "Within the past few months, the engineers began some dredging operations there and they pulled up human fossil bones, fossil wood, stone tools, pieces of pottery and many other things that indicated that it indeed was a human habitation site that they had.

And they were able to do more intensive sonar work there and were able to identify more structures.

This isn't a good sign for his chances to play on Sunday.

Dak Prescott could have had him for a touchdown in the fourth quarter, but Prescott missed him and threw a 90-yard pick-six instead.

Witten will be at the bottom of the TE1 picture next Thursday in D. Considering he suffered the concussion more than a month and a half ago, it is a major concern.

What was found has surprised archaeologists around the world and was the subject of a private meeting two weeks ago attended by the Indian Minister in charge of investigating the underwater site about thirty miles off the coast from Surat.

An American who traveled to that private meeting was Michael Cremo, researcher in the history of archaeology for the Bhakti Vedanta Institute in India and author of the book Forbidden Archaeology.

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Now, if it further happens that additional research is able to identify the culture of the people who lived in that city that's now underwater.

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