Dating 5 months

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According to Mason, you should treat dating as you would when looking for an employee or job. If you’re only after casual dating, for example, you might write: “I'm into kindness, fun times and culture, not to be mistaken with KFC.

And the first step in the recruitment process is creating an advert for your vacancy: “The more specific you are in your 'advert' the more likely you will get someone who are looking for,” she says. Although a cheeky chicken after a night out with my mates wouldn't go amiss.

Once the crucial six-month milestone has passed, daters feel it’s safe to splash out on the relationship by spending the night away (seven months/ 204 days) or jetting off on holiday together (ten months/ 298 days).

Over a quarter (28 per cent) of people surveyed also said they would wait at least six months before leaving their toothbrush at their partner’s house, whilst 40 per cent said the same for being given a drawer at their partner's house.

“Looking for a serious relationship with a non-smoker man a cut above the rest. Unfortunately, when people don't wait, that's when divorce number two happens. Actually, some people get engaged quickly and they end up divorced. When you finally meet a great guy, even in the first few months, you might know you are in love. But what I've learned is if you wait a year or two, and you still feel like you did in month number three, then what you have is really real. The findings suggest saying ‘I love you’ happens on average at five months of dating (144 days), with British daters also seeing this as the perfect time to embark on a very modern dating milestone: updating their social media relationship status (157 days).The study also sheds some light on that all-important six-month mark, suggesting that this is when three major relationship milestones take place: the revealing of one’s imperfections (173 days), the first argument (170 days) and when most parental introductions take place.

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Meanwhile, more than a quarter (27 per cent) of Brits wait between one and two weeks to sleep with their partner, while 23 per cent wait one month.

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